SKILLSIQ First Aid Guide Version 2.0 March 2018

First Aid Unit s of Competency

Since January 2016, the ANZCOR Guideline for the management of bleeding includes the use of an arterial tourniquet and/or haemostatic dressing.

SKILLSIQ First Aid Guide Version 2.0 March 2018

Must have suitably trained instructors

Suitably trained instructors and training resources are needed to ensure that the training and assessment of these skills are conducted effectively (tourniquets, tourniquets trainers, haemostatic dressings, wound trainers etc).

In addition, instructors of these skills must ensure that they are suitably trained and experienced before delivering such content.

For this reason ONLY the First Aid IRC believes that;

First Aid companion volume released in March 2018 stated that teaching and assessment of Tourniquets and Haemostatic Dressings to all first aid learners is not necessary and that the delivery of these skills should be included in contextualised training when the RTOs industry engagement has identified the need for these skills in a specific workplace/community setting; for example security and police work.


To remain compliant with;

  1. ANZCOR Guidelines for Bleeding Control [9.9.1]
  2. Nationally recognised Unit of Competency
  3. First Aid Companion Volume

Registered Training Organisations MUST HAVE suitably trained instructors.

Helping Registered Training Organisations Comply

For individuals and organisations who operate under a state or national regulator, ASQA for example, there are standards that must be met to maintain compliance. Under the standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO), Clauses 1.13 – 1.16. A trainer’s vocational competency means that they have the particular skills and knowledge relevant to the industry area in which they are delivering.

Your RTO must ensure that:

  • training and assessment is only delivered by trainers and assessors who have current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning, and
  • it has ensured all trainers and assessors undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment, including competency-based training and assessment.